The sports science department of Binaloud Higher Education Institute in Mashhad was founded in 2015 with the launch of a non-continuous bachelor's degree program in sports science in the humanities field. Since 2016, the department has also hosted a master's degree program in sports management with a specialization in sports marketing, as well as a continuous bachelor's degree program in sports science. In the first semester of the academic year 2018-2019, the department launched a master's degree program in applied physiology, expanding its educational services to a wider range of future sports science professionals in the country. Currently, more than 350 students are studying in the undergraduate and graduate programs in this department. It should be noted that over 400 students have graduated in the field of sports science so far.

The department currently has one full-time faculty member named Dr. Hakimeh Jafari and benefits from the expertise of more than thirty experienced professors and lecturers in doctoral and master's programs. Mr. Kianoush Shajee is the current head of the department.

 It is worth mentioning that more than 400 individuals have graduated from this field of study at Binaloud Higher Education Institute. This success demonstrates that the institute has been able to establish a reputable position in educating and nurturing committed and skilled professionals in the fields of sports science and accounting by providing appropriate educational programs and benefiting from experienced professors. The department is dedicated to educating and training committed and skilled professionals. More than 350 students are currently enrolled in bachelor's and master's degree programs in this department. The field of sports science at Binaloud Institute is one of the educational programs available at the institute, which allows students to study in the field of sports science and acquire the necessary skills for working in this industry. This field involves the study of various sciences and technologies related to sports and fitness, including nutrition, exercise physiology, sports injuries and pathology.

In this program, students gain the necessary skills for providing nutritional and sports counseling, designing exercise programs, preventing and treating sports injuries, and managing sports classes and physical activities through studying and researching related topics in sports and fitness.

Graduates of the sports science program can pursue various career opportunities in the sports and fitness industry. Some of the career paths include:

Sports and fitness coach: Graduates can become certified coaches in various sports and fitness activities, including personal training, group fitness classes, and sports teams.

Sports nutritionist: Graduates can work as sports nutritionists and provide nutritional advice and guidance to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Sports physiologist: Graduates can work as sports physiologists and conduct exercise physiology assessments, design training programs, and monitor athletes' performance.

Sports medicine specialist: Graduates can work as sports medicine specialists and diagnose and treat sports-related injuries and conditions.

Sports facility manager: Graduates can work as managers of sports facilities, including gyms, sports centers, and athletic clubs.

Sports broadcaster: Graduates can work as sports broadcasters and provide commentary and analysis of sports events and competitions.

Sports event coordinator: Graduates can work as sports event coordinators and plan and organize sports events, such as tournaments, competitions, and races.