The deputy director of the institution is in charge of supervising all educational, cultural, administrative-financial policies, as well as all the duties assigned to him by the department, currently assigned to Dr. Behzad Alizadeh, a pediatrician from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and a cardiologist from Iran University of Medical Sciences. He is currently an Associate Professor, Vice Chancellor for Education and a member of the faculty of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. He has been appointed as the deputy director of Binaloud Higher Education Institution in Mashhad by the order of the director of the institution.




- Supervising the proper implementation of the approvals announced by the director of the institute and creating a suitable ground for the development of academic talents


- Establishing coordination and supervision of educational and research, administrative and financial affairs


- Supervising the proper execution of educational and research duties of faculty members


- Evaluating and coordinating all the activities of the deputies


- Evaluating annual activities and delivering a report to the head of the institute


- Establishing communication and coordination with university deputies to implement the relevant rules and regulations in the unit


- Establishing coordination with the Vice Chancellor for Students and Culture of the University in order to plan and implement extracurricular activities


- Supervising the performance of non-faculty members of the institution and evaluating their activities and behavior with the participation of managers


- Assessing and estimating the financial, employment, equipment and research requirements of the institution


- Participating in the relevant councils of the institution and reflecting the results and reports of the councils to faculty members and staff.


- Investigating the issues and problems of the employees of the institution and trying to solve their problems


- Supervising the preparation and communication of internal directives and instructions


- Supervising the proper implementation of the notified credits and their expenditure in accordance with the regulations