Cultural and student deputy of the institution, responsible for planning, managing and directing all cultural and student affairs of the institution, including extracurricular affairs, physical education, welfare, health and treatment, student counseling in disciplinary matters and policy making and taking necessary measures in order to meet cultural needs and welfare of students within the limits of the approved rules and regulations and supervises and evaluates related matters. Currently, this responsibility is under the responsibility of Dr. Behzad Alizadeh.

Description of the duties of the cultural and student vice-chancellor:

- Administration of all student affairs of the institution

- Studying and making decisions about student issues and problems

- Monitoring the implementation of student rules and regulations

- Compilation and proposal of general principles of student counseling

- Supervision of affiliated units in order to ensure the proper execution of their duties

- Supervising the implementation of the program of welfare services and non-educational and extracurricular activities of students

- Development and generalization of various sports fields in the university and creation of necessary facilities in this field

- Supervising the accommodation of students and creating student jobs for applicants and supervising the affairs related to advising and guiding students in academic, professional and personal fields.

- Planning to provide cultural and artistic facilities for academic staff

- Planning to expand and deepen Islamic and revolutionary values at all levels of the university

- Establishing coordination and attracting the necessary participation between various ideological, cultural and political student organizations through the organization of representative meetings of the Supreme Leader, Academic Jihad and Islamic Association

- Establishing communication and cooperation as much as possible with intellectual, cultural and revolutionary centers, institutions and institutions for the further flourishing of intellectual, cultural and artistic activities.

- Supervising cultural, political and social activities of students

- Monitoring and planning for the development of ideological, political, moral and cultural education through the holding of educational classes and seminars and cultural, intellectual, political academic gatherings and monitoring them and coordinating the effectiveness of the existing capacity of Islamic and revolutionary institutions

- Assessing the general religious, political and moral situation of university forces and reporting them to the board of directors and the cultural council

- Providing context and encouraging academic staff to participate in various scientific, political and cultural scenes of the society

- Refinement and health of public relations between professors, students and staff and planning for better use of university forces from cultural and artistic facilities.

- Proposing the necessary programs to the cultural council and following up on assigned tasks

Subordinate units of the Student and Cultural Vice-Chancellor

- Student Services Office

- Administration of cultural and extracurricular activities

- Administration of dormitory affairs

- Health and treatment center

- Student counseling center

- Department of physical education

- Office of Cultural Studies

- Disciplinary Committee

- Department of witness and sacrifice affairs