The administrative and financial deputy is responsible for supervising the implementation of all legal affairs of the university, construction and installation affairs contracts, services, addressing the executive goals of the university, budget forecasting and estimating the required manpower of the university. Also, this deputy works in the field of establishing the administrative affairs system and strict implementation of administrative and financial rules and regulations in order to pave the way for achieving the goals of higher education. This deputy is currently run by Mr. Mohammad Reza Hafez Darbani.


Job description of administrative and financial deputy

Planning, managing and directing administrative and financial affairs, preparing and executing construction operations within the framework of a comprehensive plan for providing and maintaining physical spaces in accordance with the higher education development plans


Proposing construction budget and supervising the implementation of all employment, financial, transactional and construction regulations


Formulating short-term, medium-term and long-term plans for the quantitative and qualitative development of education, research, and technology and proposing the structure, organization and budget of the institution


Ensuring the proper implementation of the duties of the affiliated units by supervising their work


Cooperating with the university administration to better perform the tasks related to the university headquarters


Supervising development plans and annual budget and offering financial proposals to the president of the university


Preparing and formulating the policies of the affiliated units

Supervising the implementation of administrative, financial and service affairs in compliance with the relevant regulations

Supervising the proper implementation of contracts

Following up and supervising the executive operations in the affiliated units and trying to solve the existing problems


Subordinate units of administrative and financial deputy

Finance management

Administrative affairs management