The Education Department is one of the available subordinate departments of the Vice Chancellor for Education, responsible for all educational affairs of students from the beginning to the end of their studies, as well as the correct implementation of educational rules and regulations. Currently, the education management of the institute is under the responsibility of Dr. Hossein Karimi.

Education Manager’s job description:


Implementing educational bylaws and regulations

Monitoring the organization of curricula presented by educational departments in different sections

Conducting classes and monitoring teachers’ and students’ class attendace

Carrying out matters related to the tuition fees of invited professors

Issuance of necessary certificates for students during their studies

Holding end-of-semester exams

Providing archives and documentation centers to maintain the academic records of all students

Preparing the necessary reports for submission to superiors

Performing other affairs according to the diagnosis and referral of the educational deputy

Registration and selection of students during the study

Responding to students' educational affairs

Monitoring the admission and registration of students in different stages

Monitoring the preparation and maintenance of students' academic records

Monitoring Registration, control and maintenance of students' transcripts and other educational records

Checking the deficits of the examinations entry card and the confidential transcript of the associate, bachelor and masters students and announcing it to the assessment organization

Announcing the grade point average and the number of units passed for the master's degree to the assessment organization

Investigating and carrying out matters related to changing majors and transferring students

Reviewing and carrying out matters related to student leave applications and eliminating students' semesters

Reviewing and issuing conditional and expulsion notices and sending them to students

Sending diplomas to students who have been transferred to another university

Applying for diplomas of those students who have been transferred to Binaloud Institution of Higher Education

Monitoring archive of all records taken in the files of current students

Answering and guiding students by face-to-face and telephone referral

Apply for exemption for new students from the NAJA Deputy for Public Service

Requesting for revocation of academic exemption for graduate, expelled, drop-out and transfer students

Applying for exit permits for students through the General Directorate of Student Affairs