In order to preserve the principles and deepen the values ​​of the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to establish order and coherence in the management of the organization's structure, the institution's security works to provide suggestions and appropriate solutions; to detect any obvious deviations and violations in executive affairs, and to send the necessary information to the competent authorities in this regard.

As a trustworthy, visionary and trusted advisor to the President of the Institution, Harast tries to play an effective role in reducing vulnerability by identifying threats, weaknesses and strengths and providing timely information.

Measures that are in the priority of the security work of the institution:

Preventing violations or irregularities

Informing about events and providing accurate information analysis

Cooperating and assisting the managers of the institute in critical situations

Offering special supervision and inspection with the opinion of the department and staff security

Raising awareness and preparing plans

Giving instructions and Security regulations in the field of protection of places and facilities, documents and information

Currently, this position is held by Ms. Maryam Hedayati.