According to the instructions on the formation of the research council, according to the approvals of the board of directors and the regulations of other higher education centers, the following people were appointed as permanent members of the research council according to their legal position in the institution:

1- President, vice-president or supervisor of the institution - Mr. Dr. Behzad Alizadeh

2- Research assistant of the institute - Mr. Dr. Saadaleh Velayati

3- Vice Chancellor of the institute - Mr. Dr. Amin Alizadeh

4- Financial-administrative deputy of the institution - Dr. Behdad Alizadeh

5- Research management of the institute - Mrs. Dr. Negar Hosseinian


In addition, 5 to 10 faculty members have joined the Research Council for 2 years as periodic members, which include the following people:


1- Mrs. Dr. Mahbobeh Dargahi

2- Mrs. Dr. Neda Zarinnegar

3- Dr. Shahrampour Akbar

4- Mr. Dr. Hossein Karimi

5- Mr. Reza Orshti