Research Vice-Chancellor of Binaloud Institute of Higher Education works under the supervision of the directorate of the institute with the aim of directing and leading research activities and targeting research as well as persuading and encouraging research. Research Vice-Chancellor is responsible for providing appropriate scientific and specialized guidelines for the expansion and development of research and technology. Proposing and preparing various research regulations, establishing scientific communication with domestic and foreign universities, cooperating in providing scientific, cultural and social services to the society through the implementation of applied research projects, holding scientific seminars and conferences, publishing findings. Scientific and supervision of all research affairs of the institute, libraries and university databases are part of the activities of the research assistant, which is currently the responsibility of Dr. Saadaleh Velayati.

Dr. Saadaleh Velayati graduated with a PhD in Geology from the University of Wursburg, Germany in 1358. He is a full professor and retired faculty member of the Geography Department of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

He has many articles and authorships in the fields of geology and hydrology, including the books "Hydrogeology of soft and hard formations", "Caveology (processes, development, management)" and "Basics of hydrology".

Among his most important executive responsibilities and managerial positions, the following can be mentioned:

- Member of the selected committee of Ferdowsi University Faculty of Literature and Humanities during the years 1381 to 1383

- Member of the supplementary education committee of the Geography Department of Ferdowsi University during the years 1379 to 1381

- Member of the Editorial Board of Ferdowsi University's Geography and Development Magazine during the years 2013 to 2015

- Editor of Ferdowsi University's Geography and Development Magazine during the years 2011 to 2015

- Member of the founding board and the board of directors of the scientific association of nature tourism in Iran

- And ....

Currently, he has been appointed as the research assistant of Binaloud Higher Education Institute of Mashhad by the decree of the institute's president.

Description of duties of research assistant:

- Planning and adopting appropriate policies in the field of expanding the research activities of the institute

- Supervision of all research affairs of the institute, library and information banks

- Developing, strengthening and directing approved research projects with a priority on applied and targeted research

- Providing consulting services in the field of research projects and student theses

- Evaluating research activities of faculty members and preparing annual reports

- Holding seminars and scientific conferences and research workshops based on the needs of the audience

- Creating the necessary facilities for faculty members and students to use information resources

- Management and strategies of scientific-research cooperation with scientific and research institutions

- Holding and managing the meetings of the research council of the institute