Considering the need of students to carry out cultural and extracurricular activities, which can be considered as the main factor for the useful guidance of students in the direction of learning and learning in the direction of the higher goals of Islamic Iran, and considering the urgent need of this institution to manage cultural activities In a specialized and independent way, the cultural management office started its activity at the beginning of 2009, which is currently managed by Mr. Adel Alizadeh.


Description of Cultural Management tasks

Actualizing cultural, political and social projects in the institution

Establishing relations and cooperation with cultural and revolutionary centers and institutions, especially in the university

Preparing newsletters or cultural publications and publishing them at local level

Promoting Islamic and revolutionary values ​​through the production of posters, photographs, films, etc.

Providing facilities for cultural activities of students, staff and professors

Encouraging students, staff and professors to participate in programs and competitions for memorizing and reciting the concepts of the Holy Quran

Establishing coordination between activities related to affiliated units

Preparing continuous reports of the activities performed

Preparing extracurricular projects in the fields of science, research, sports and art

Encouraging students to participate in art activities, camps and celebrations

Performing artistic activities and celebrations as well as organizing exhibitions

Establishing student associations in various religious, cultural, artistic and social fields according to the approved laws

Establishing student scientific associations

Preparing and organizing various programs for scientific and cultural camps

Preparing a program for holding competitions in scientific and artistic fields

Preparing the necessary reports of the activities performed