International cooperation of universities, institutes and scientific research centers in the world today is one of the necessities of every scientific center. International Scientific Cooperation Management Center of Binaloud Institute of Higher Education received its activity license in 2018 and since that date, it has been seriously pursuing its activities and goals in the field of attracting and training non-Iranian students. The main and strategic goal of this unit is the internationalization of the activities and programs of the institution and the goals of others, education to citizens of other countries and cultural and social influence. The main activities of this unit include the following areas:


*Implementation of joint research activities (including the exchange of academic staff and researchers)

*Participation in seminars and scientific meetings

*Exchange of educational materials and other scientific information

*Special short-term scientific programs and in some cases, the formation of joint courses

*student exchange

*Other appropriate international scientific and research activities agreed upon by the two scientific centers