The financial affairs manager of the institute is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and controlling the financial activities of the institute within the framework of approved regulations, laws, by-laws and instructions. Mr. Mahmoud Bakhshian is currently the financial manager of Binaloud Institution of Higher Education.


Financial management tasks

Carrying out all university finances while observing the relevant rules and regulations

Receiving university credits

Maintaining and arranging credit and liability books and university property accounts

Maintaining and arranging the revenues and expenditures

Monitoring the use of funds in accordance with relevant regulations

Preparing financial reports and submitting them to the president of the university and the competent authorities

Cooperating with relevant units in setting the annual budget


Financial management subsidiaries

Document Processing Office


Carrying out audits in order to establish a regular internal control system in the university's finances

Examining revenues documents of the university and reviewing the documents of expenditures

Matching expenditure documents with the approved budget

Handling prepayment accounts and transfer costs as well as university properties

Reporting possible violations to the relevant authorities and providing corrective comments if necessary


Receipt and Payment Office


Receiving university revenues and maintaining bank books

Maintaining and registering payroll offices

Issuing checks and cash transfers

Setting up payroll and employee benefits and setting up payroll returns

Issuing calculation sheets and cost and advance payment documents

Maintaining and recording receipts and prepayments

Setting up extraordinary documentation of benefits and services and other costs


Management of Liabilities and Credits


Arranging applications based on the available credits and preparing and issuing redits

Maintaining an approved credit account

Maintaining the nominal and detailed budget of the university according to the approved credit and the user unit

Publishing salary documents of university staff and other cost documents

Preparing a report on the sum of committed figures and the final cost and credit balance of the units


Office of Accounting


Setting up and maintaining institution accounts

Maintaining and registering general office accounts

Preparing and adjusting cost statistics by materials and action plan


Property Management


Controlling the property of all units and maintaining a property account with complete specifications

Performing statistical calculations to determine inventory and the need to purchase the goods offered by the units