The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the supreme council in an organization the duties and powers of which are in accordance with the Law on the Establishment of the Boards of Trustees of Universities and Higher Education and Research Institutions (approved by the 181st and 183rd meetings dated 28/02/1989 and 14/03/1989 of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution) and the Law regarding financial and transactional affairs of universities and institutions of higher education and research approved on 18/01/1991 by the Islamic Consultative Assembly.


As the highest decision-making and policy-making authority in financial, transactional, administrative, employment and scientific affairs, The boards of trustees have important and sensitive responsibilities.


Duties and powers of the Board of Trustees:


A- Approval of internal bylaws


B- Approval of the administrative organization of the institute


C- Reviewing and approving the budget of the institute


D- Approval of the detailed budget of the institute


E- Approval of the accounts and annual balance sheet of the institution


F- Approving the method of receiving specific revenues and its consumption


G- Appointing an auditor and treasurer for the institution


H- Attracting private sector assistance in compliance with the rules


I- Approval of financial and transaction bylaws


J- Extraordinary proposal of the rights of faculty and non-faculty members for the approval of the Ministry of Science


K- Determining the management of production, service, workshop and health units of the institute


L- Determining the amount of payment for research fees, teaching fees, translation fees, authorship fees, etc.


N- Approving the employment regulations of the faculty members of the institution, which will be applicable for coordination after the approval of the relevant ministry