The English Language Department of Binaloud Higher Education Institute was established in 2006 with 50 students majoring in translation, and later in 2015, it added a specialization in English language teaching. Currently, there are 500 undergraduate students enrolled in both majors. Currently, over 100 students are studying in both language orientations.

The department has three faculty members named Mr. Reza Varzeshi, Mr. Hossein Tafakori-Manesh, and Mrs. Soheila Nourbakhsh. and more than 30 adjunct professors, all with outstanding records in language teaching. In addition to English, the department offers courses in French and all general language courses, as well as specialized courses for various majors.

It is noteworthy that the English translation department of Binaloud Higher Education Institute has achieved the top rank in the acceptance rate for Master's programs among non-profit institutions in Mashhad. The department is currently managed by Mr. Reza Varzeshi.

English Translation:

English Translation is a major offered at many universities and higher education institutions in Iran. In this major, students learn the skills necessary for translating between Persian and English. English Translation is offered at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

The courses in English Translation are divided into three sections: general courses, basic specialized courses, and main specialized courses. General and basic specialized courses are common to both English Language and Literature and English Translation majors. Main specialized courses are separate for each major. Translation students take courses such as individual translation, advanced translation, literary translation, and translation principles and methods. English Language and Literature students study poetry, drama, novels, and the history of English literature.

During the early terms of this major, students are introduced to the basic framework of translation, the differences between languages, and the theory of translation. Later on, various theories of translation are presented, and an overall theoretical perspective on translation is provided. Students also practice translating short and long sentences, complex structures, and finally, literary texts or texts with heavy content.



English Language Teaching:

English Language Teaching, also known as English Language Education, is an undergraduate major in Iran. Students in this major are selected from among the candidates of the foreign language experimental group of the national university entrance exam, and are educated in teacher training universities, branches of Islamic Azad University, and higher education institutions. The aim of this major is to provide the human resources needed by the Ministry of Education for English language teaching, and to train teachers for various language learning centers. The courses and syllabus of this major are very similar to those of the English Language Teaching major at the undergraduate level, with the difference being that students in English Language Teaching receive instruction on educational and psychological sciences (especially developmental and educational psychology) and educational management.

It is worth noting that even in the main specialized courses, there are common units between the two majors, such as linguistics.

In terms of employment, since 2006, over 600 graduates have completed this major, with most of them working in universities, translation offices, language learning institutions, international exam centers, and international trade and business offices. Some graduates have also continued their education at the graduate and doctoral levels, which is a golden leaf in the record of this institution.

Graduates of this field can work in various areas such as teaching, educational counseling, writing educational books, designing and producing educational software, conducting linguistic and educational research, and more.

Overall, the field of English language teaching is an attractive option for individuals who are interested in teaching and learning English.