Student Affairs is one of the units under the Culture and Student Vice-Chancellor, which is in charge of directing and supervising the activities of loans, nutrition and welfare affairs, insurance and providing for students' financial deficits (through the payment of student loans within the limits of the facilities and conditions) ) is. Currently, the management of student affairs of the institute is under the responsibility of Mr. Adel Alizadeh.


Duties of student management:

Macro policies in the field of welfare issues including loans, nutrition and facilities granted to students

Supervision of students' livelihoods and providing student loans

Supervision of nutrition and investigation of related issues in this field

Supervision of the institute's kitchen

Supervision of students' welfare affairs


Sub-units of the student administration

Loan matters: Respected students should refer to the student administration in order to receive a student loan on the specified date.

Nutrition: Dear students, you should contact the student administration to receive tokens in early October.

Insurance matters (accident insurance): this insurance is a mandatory insurance that insures all students against unfortunate events and its duration is one academic year (October 1 of each year until the end of September of the following year)


Insurance address (Asia Insurance): Mashhad, Azadshahr, Moalem Boulevard, between 42 and 44 Moalem - Phone: 38699019

Dear students, if necessary, they can refer to the insurance with a copy of their medical documents (since insurance contracts may change every year, please check the address of the insurance before using it)