transport(Inner City intercity)

Intercity Transport

Mashhad International Airport (Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport)

Mashhad’s Hashemi Nejad Airport, which handles domestic flights to Iranian cities and international flights, is the second busiest airport in Iran. At the airport you have access to 24/7 taxi services to the city and a subway station (working hour 06:00 a.m. - 22:15 p.m.) which is adjacent to the airport building.


Train Station

Having been located at the heart of the Silk Road, Mashhad train station with a quite modern railway system, on an ancient route, can help you for a trip to almost all the major cities of Iran and the neighboring countries.

Bus Terminal

Mashhad Bus Terminal, which is located within 15 minutes walking distance from Emam Reza’s Shrine, provides regular services to and from all the major cities of the vast Iran. Taxis are available and Inner city bus station is also adjacent to the terminal.


Inner city Transport


The subway system which is connected to the airport is available to take you to different sites in the city. The subway system’s working hour is from 06:00 a.m. to 22:15 p.m. with the metro/trains arriving every 6 minutes.  Each inner trip costs the affordable 500 Tomans (15 US Cents) from your card (MAN CARD= MY CARD). This metro/train travels half a way above the ground (in the shades of the breathtakingly beautiful Vakil Abad trees) and the other half underground.


Everywhere in town is cheaply reachable with a huge squad of buses. In each bus station, a map is attached on the wall to guide you with your orientation and the people are always friendly enough to help you find your way. A computer system automatically announces each station right before getting to it. Just keep in mind to have your MAN CARD with you when you get on the bus.