The degrees offered at Binaloud will enable you to reach your full potential. During your undergraduate education at Binaloud you will develop a deep understanding of a particular study area. This insight will help you choose the right path for the realization of your ambitions.

Postgraduate and Undergraduate studies

The educational structure of Binaloud includes three faculties of higher education and graduate studies:

  1. Faculty of Engineering which includes:

Urban Management (Postgraduate)

Urban Planning (Postgraduate)

Architecture Drawing (Undergraduate)

Architecture (Undergraduate)

Interior Design (Undergraduate)

Urban Engineering (Undergraduate)

Project Management Engineering (Undergraduate)

Civil Engineering (Undergraduate)


2.Faculty of Economic Sciences includes:

Industrial Management (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Accounting (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Financial Management (Postgraduate)

Business Administration (Undergraduate)

Business Accounting (Undergraduate)


3.Faculty of Tourism, Natural Sciences and Sports which includes:

Natural Resources Engineering (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Physical Sciences and Management (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Ecotourism (Postgraduate)

English Language Translation (Undergraduate)

English Language Teaching Methodology (Undergraduate)

Landscape Engineering (Undergraduate)

Tourism Management (Undergraduate)

Physical Sciences (Undergraduate)