Cultural affaires

Cultural affaires

With regard to the students demand to be engaged in cultural and extracurricular activities and in order to make every student useful, the Cultural Office has started its services independently in 2009. The services are offered by this center are as follows: Establishing and operating artistic, cultural and scientific clubs; Establishing and operating all religious, social, cultural and political organizations; Establishing and operating all the students’ scientific associations meetings; Holding seminars, religious celebrations, graduation ceremonies and exhibitions; Organizing cultural and scientific camping trips.

Students’ cultural clubs

Students’ cultural clubs are certain institutions whose main activities are different areas of religion, literature, art, culture, and social life. Some of this center’s main activities are as follows:

Theatre, Film and photograph clubs

Literature and poetry club

Quran club

Veil and modesty club

Visual arts club

Music club

Forgotten angels club

Students’ council

Board of Education

Student Scientific Association


These associations are composed of enthusiastic students willing to participate in scientific activities in a faculty or a department.