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Binaloud University 2017

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Founded in 2005 Binaloud University is aiming at becoming a major International research center. Located in the peaceful countryside and away from the bustling life of Mashhad, a joyful scientific experience is provided by hospitable staff and faculty.


Today Binaloud University hosts around … students and … international students. The students come from …. different nationalities, making a multihued tapestry and a cosmopolitan campus with a unique cultural exchange.


We hope this guide will make you feel welcome and give you a clear image of our main activities in Binaloud.


Welcome to Mashhad 2017, the Capital of Islamic Culture               




Mashhad (previously known as Sanabad) is a historical city and Iran’s second largest city after Tehran, the capital. One of the most important features of the city is an overlap of tradition and modernity. Luxurious buildings, malls and recreational centers standing next to the beautiful Golden domes and minarets of the old mosques, the result of the climax of the Islamic Shiite civilization, can take the visitors and the curious students on an exciting tour. One can climb a building like Spiderman, but one has to fly gently down on the wings of Ferdowsi’s Simorgh; here is where past and present meet in order to make a brilliant future.

Mashhad was chosen by ISESCO (the Islamic Scientific, Cultural and Education Organization) as the capital of the Islamic culture in 2017 (December 31, 2015 to December 31, 2016). Being blessed with the shrine of Ali ibn Musa Al-Reza and many poets and cultural figures Mashhad main features revolve around Spirituality, Science, Dialogue and Art which make it one of the most liveable cities in the region. 

City life

Mashhad is one of the most promising cities in the region to study, work and live. The Mashhadi’s are friendly and the locals of Torghabeh are even friendlier, making the visitors and students instantly feel at home. When you are in Mashhad you should not miss the chance to try our Shole or perhaps Shishkabab of Shandiz. Maybe you prefer to know more about Iranian cinema, which is ranked above the German and Brazilian cinemas, or catch the latest theatre show, or discover the secrets of our culture in our museums. Or take a day trip and feel the beauty of Sajjad and Ahmad Abad Boulevards with their stunning Nourouzi symbols and luxurious malls. You prefer to take a romantic walk? Do not miss the breathtaking beauty of the historical Vakil Abad and Malek Abad.



Where the city life ends, our peaceful campus begins

On the fringe of the city, the tranquil Binaloud campus is a 5 minute drive away from the multicultural culinary delights of Torghabeh restaurants, Chālidareh Dam, and modern shopping malls.

Flanked by the Metropolis of Mashhad and the city of Shandiz, our students have quick access to public transport, accommodation and of course numerous resorts.


Perfect facilities

While at Binaloud, you can work with some of the freshest minds across the city, who are also actively involved in business and industry. With a cozy library, laboratory and different ateliers you can engage in a friendly student chat almost anywhere at the university. Other facilities like buffet, cafeteria and a gym along with a glorious sunshine can make your everyday here memorable. The campus is also located within close distance of hospitals, libraries and huge sport centers. Furthermore, the gardens of Torghabeh and the beautiful Mashhad Botanical Garden are two tranquil settings for agricultural, horticultural and irrigation students.



Beyond the Classroom

Studying at Binaloud is a lot more than attending lectures and taking exams. You can enjoy numerous cultural activities in the surrounding cities and learn from the many ethnic backgrounds in the region.



Travel while you study

Once you set foot in the vast Iran, you will find yourself in a country of rich historical and cultural heritage and unique geographical phenomena. If you heard about Omar Khayyam and Attar, pay a visit to Neishabour. If you heard the tales of Persian bravery against invaders and are interested in the secrets of Mazandaran jungles and Caspian Sea, you should have a visit to the Northern provinces of Iran. However, no trip to Iran would be complete without a visit to the city of roses and nightingales Shiraz. Enjoy the scent of Bahar Narenj on the streets and find out why the German Goethe was an admirer of Hafez. Know a thing or two about the ancient Persian civilization in Persepolis and enjoy the Shirazi cuisine Kalam Polo and Faloude. If you doubt Marco Polo’s account on the desert city of Yazd, go have a walk in the city’s ancient alleys.


Be practical


If you really want to learn something you should get out of the library and get engaged with the real world. This is why we encourage our students to make a tour of Iran a part of their Binaloud experience. Many of our fields at binaloud, like Agricultural sciences, Architecture and Urban planning etc. engage students in extracurricular activities outside the campus and perhaps outside the city.


Student Services

Our caring staffs at Binaloud offer their comprehensive student support in the following: _Academic Skills _Health and Counseling _Careers and Employment _Student Housing.


International students’ support


The International Relations and Scientific Cooperation Office (IRSCO) at Binaloud offers its comprehensive services to the international students and their families to make sure they are well adjusted to study and life in Mashhad. The pre-departure support, city orientation, academic support and counseling and all the other necessary supports for the international students are done by our IRSCO.





Housing in Mashhad and Torgahbeh


In case you are looking for a place which is conveniently situated close to Binaloud and other educational centers and facilities, our administrative section with the cooperation of our IRSCO can support you with information and advice.

Mashhad is a city that hosts more that 10 million pilgrims in less than a month during the high season; therefore, you should not worry about your accommodation. However, finding an affordable room or apartment can be challenging for international students without Persian language skills. We recommend you to contact our international office for the pre arrangement of the rental properties that can be leased from a landlord or real estate agent. You can rent alone or with your friends, in Mashhad or Torghabeh, which is comparatively cheaper.

Binaloud dormitory is also under construction. Once the construction of the building is finished, it will be accommodating ? students. It will also provide a safe environment offering a sense of belonging and giving the students the opportunity to make lifelong friends.


Binaloud’s Other Divisions in a Glace


For the time being, the institute’s campus includes Management offices, classrooms, laboratories, computer sites, internet library, auditorium, self-service, and sports spaces.

The development program of the Institute in the second phase of the expansion program covers main campus building with 5,000 square meters in which land preparation and land escaping implementation is performed and the construction is almost finished.

Institute’s research center

The research center of the institute provides a suitable ground for the research activities and the publication of academic staff’s research results in different fields of science. In addition, the research center has established a good relationship between Industrial centers, service organizations of Khorasan-E-Razavi province and Academic Staff members through applied research projects and valuable consulting services.

Cultural affaires

With regard to the students demand to be engaged in cultural and extracurricular activities and in order to make every student useful, the Cultural Office has started its services independently in 2009. The services are offered by this center are as follows: Establishing and operating artistic, cultural and scientific clubs; Establishing and operating all religious, social, cultural and political organizations; Establishing and operating all the students’ scientific associations meetings; Holding seminars, religious celebrations, graduation ceremonies and exhibitions; Organizing cultural and scientific camping trips.

Students’ cultural clubs

Students’ cultural clubs are certain institutions whose main activities are different areas of religion, literature, art, culture, and social life. Some of this center’s main activities are as follows:

Theatre, Film and photograph clubs

Literature and poetry club

Quran club

Veil and modesty club

Visual arts club

Music club

Forgotten angels club

Students’ council

Board of Education

Student Scientific Association


These associations are composed of enthusiastic students willing to participate in scientific activities in a faculty or a department