About the city

Mashhad is a metropolis in the North East Iran and the capital of the Khorasan Razavi province. Being located in an area of 328 Square Kilometer, Mashhad is the Second biggest city of Iran after Tehran.

 “Mashhad”, the abridged form of Mashhadolreza, means the place of martyrdom of Emam Reza. This city has always been venerated as a religious city and ever since the Islamic Revolution Mashhad was the center of attention as the country’s most important religious destination.

The historical background of the city goes back to the 8th century (A.H). From among some of the tourist sites of the city Gowhar Shād Mosque, Mil Akhangān, Haftādo Do Tan Mosque, Kheshti Dome and Torogh Mosalla could be mentioned. Hārounieh Dome is also what is remained from the historical city of Tous. Bazeh Hour (The Nymph’s Valley) is also one of the oldest places in the region with a Zoroastrian Temple that is estimated to be built in the 3rd century (A.D.). The burial place of celebrities like Ferdowsi and Nāder Shāh and Abbāsgholi Khan School are among other historical places of the city. The summer quarters surrounding Mashhad, especially Shāndiz, Torqbeh, Zoshk, Noghondar, Jāghargh, Kouhsangi, Vakil Ābād forest park, Mellat Park and Akhlamad Waterfall are also among the tourists’ favorite resorts.

Business Centers:

There are numerous modern and traditional business centers. Mashhad’s International Faire is nowadays known as the second biggest faire after Tehran International Faire. Bordering the Central Asian countries and special industrial position, Mashhad hosts dozens of international exhibitions annually. 

Imam Reza Shrine


The Holy Shrine of Ali Ebn-e Mosallrezā (Emam Rezā’s Holy Shrine)

According to the historical sources, the burial place of the body of Emam Rezā was originally a small village called “Sanābād” which was close to the city of Tous. This small village was therefore the origin of a today’s metropolis called Mashhadollerzā.


Razavi Holy Shrine is the most important historical and religious monument of the Islamic Iran which annually hosts more than 20 million pilgrims from across the country and the world.

Mashhad Birds Garden:

Mashhad Birds Garden is one of the tourist attractions and a resort for the local Mashhadis. Teams of medical specialist are constantly present at the garden for the hygiene issues and the health care of the tourists and pilgrims. The Sepād Birds Garden Complex is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Khorasan Razavi province and various types of rare Iranian, Asian and African birds are collected in this garden.


Haft Hoz Natural Park (Haft Hoz Valley)


One of the most beautiful natural attractions of Mashhad, which is nestled at the heart of Khalaj mountains is called Haft Hoz. After driving some 7 kilometer, you must park your car and walk the rest of the road. This area has 7 natural ponds filled with streams of water. Some of these ponds are the size of a small pool. The unspoiled nature of this region has made it a peaceful haven for the visitors.

Mellat Park

Mashhad’s Mellat Park is one of the city’s tourist attractions and is city’s largest park (72 hectar).

Vakil Ābād Park (Vakil Ābād Garden)

Vakil Ābād Park is one of the oldest and most beautiful resorts, located in the South West part of the city. Due to the historical background, pleasant weather and beautiful valley it is located in, this place has long been locals’ and the tourists’ favorite resort.

Mashhad’s Botanical Garden

This garden has been constructed for the maintenance and conservation of the plants, the creation of a plant bio-bank, citizens and students familiarization with different plant species the implementation of the research projects, the propagation of the plant culture among the citizens etc.

 (Professor Bazima science park)

Professor Bazima Scientific Park is one of the thematic parks of Iran. This park is located in the fourth floor of Vesal Center in Sepad Tourist site in an area of 2400 square meters..

This Park is providing an educational and entertaining atmosphere for the visitors by bringing together and combining the three fields of biology, geology and astronomy (Natural Sciences). Apart from enjoying the knowledge-based entertainments, the visitors can explore a vast area of the formation of the universe and the planet earth, primitive life on earth, prehistory animals and their lives through the dominance of the humans on the planet earth.

Mashhad’s Nān Museum

Mashhad’s Nān Museum, which is the first in the Middle East, is designed based on traditional architecture and aiming at cultural activities and advertising policies. In the design of the museum, the basics of the Iranian-traditional architecture, using the simplest materials (Iranian brick, adobe and stucco and wood) was a priority.


Vakil Ābād Park Lake


This seasonal lake is located in Vakil Ābād garden.


Golestān Dam

This dam, which dates back to the Timurid is one of the historical places of Khorāsān province located on Golestān river. Although the dam is almost 500 years old, it is still standing tall and proud making the place a beautiful resort for the tourists.



Moghān Cave

This cave is located to the south of Moghān village and has geological phenomena like stalactite and stalagmite and also several wells.

Āl Valley’s Cave

This cave is a place with a large, spectacular entrance as well as beautiful spring nearby. This cave is also located on Kalāt Nāderi road.


In the North West of the city and on Khājeh Rabi Street is located the magnificent tomb of Khājeh Rabi, which dates back to the Safavid period and is built by decree of Sheikh Bahāi. This tomb has an 18 meter tall dome covered with turquoise tiles, decorated with the inscriptions of the famous Safavi calligrapher Alireza Abbasi.


Melli Garden (National Garden)

Just in the middle of one of the busiest residential and business centers of the city, is located a big garden known as Melli Garden. Rokn Ābād Qanāt is was also one of the famous qanāts of the city that used to pass through this garden.


Torogh Dam

Torogh dam is located 14 kilometer South-East of Mashhad, on the river Torogh and close to the old Torogh water reservoir.


Nader Shāh’s Tomb

This building is located in the Naderi Museum in Mashhad and was built in memory of Nader Shah by Houshang Seihoun. This place includes a central section that is the burial place of Nader Shah and two halls of gun museum.



Gowharshād Mosque

This building is Iran’s biggest mosque with four porches (patios) which was built in 821 (A.H) by the architect Ghavāmoddin Shirazi on the order of Gowharshād Āghā, the wife of the Timurid Shāhrokh.

And many other tourist sites such as:

Mahdi gholi Beik bath and the museum of anthropology, The Shah’s Bath, Koran Museum, Āstāne Qods Coin meuseum, Navvāb School, Bozveshk Village, Khalaj Mountains and…